I have been taking photographs as long as I can remember. Since graduation New York Institute of Photography and taking endless masterclasses from well known photographers I understood I should share my knowledge.

I help photographers to learn how to take “wow” pictures using photo mentoring (coaching) sessions, post processing tuition, photo tours and branding photography workshops.


Are you interested in advancing your photography skills and want to take your photography to the next level? My One-On-One Online Photography Mentoring Program is designed for those photographers who:

  • want to improve their photography skills, especially in specific areas
  • have particular photography issues and want to solve it
  • want to shoot “wow” looking photos
  • to make your work stand out from the crowd
  • want to establish their presence online.

How it works online:

In our busy world, you wouldn’t want to drive across town, deal with traffic, look for parking, and only then enjoy a magical session. With a Skype, you can avoid all that bustle. The technology is here and now it’s time to take advantage of it!
Based on your schedule, we will arrange a time to chat via Skype (or via Skype instant messaging if you prefer typing) and discuss the issues you’d like to resolve.
Some people have basic questions about their cameras settings, or composition, or lighting, or need an advice about equipment. For others we can discuss Photoshop or Lightroom questions as well as using different creative techniques for shooting. You could also type questions out and send them to me 24 hours before we skype so I could be better prepared and use the time more wisely. Simply contact me with the topics you’d like to cover and I will give you an estimate for the time required before we begin. If needed, I will provide software instructions.

Cost for this individual coaching is $75 per hour. Please contact me if you are interested.


I am excited to offer one-on-one and small group Lightroom classes (maximum 5 participants). I really love Lightroom and use it every day! Lightroom allows you to adjust many aspects of your photo like cropping and composition, tonal and colour range, sharpening, contrast and much more without superb advanced retouching like using layers etc in Photoshop. Working and learning with Lightroom to always be fun and the learning never ends.
And more, you can easily manage and organize your photos as well as print and share!

Lightroom Level 1

  • Workspace set up
  • Importing and exporting photos
  • Synchronizing photos
  • Catalog maintenance
  • Organizing and ranking photos, Using Keywords
  • Workflow techniques that will save you hours every week

Lightroom Level 2

  • Editing basics
  • Batch edits
  • Local adjustments (Selective editing brushes)
  • Advanced editing and creating artistic looks
  • Creating and using presets (free 20 common used presets included)

Each class is up to 2 hours. If you order both classes, you save 25%!
You must have a laptop with a version 4 or 5 of Lightroom loaded.
You can download a 30 day free trial of this software on the Adobe website.
You can purchase Lightroom program, or sign up for the Adobe creative cloud photography program (LR and Photoshop Creative Cloud) for $9.99/month. Click here for details.

If you would like to get a group together, the costs for the post processing lessons depends on the number of participants (see discount table below).
If you prefer to have this course online via Skype similar my one-on-one individual mentoring program, please contact me and we will arrange a time.

Costs (per /hour, up to 2 hours for each class):
• 1 person ~ $50
• 2 people ~ $40 (each)
• 3-4 ~ $35 (each)
• 5 ~ $25 (each) 

To arrange the class, please contact me.